Press ReleasesEPIC NewsApril 23, 2019

Dr. Greenstone Honored as Carnegie Fellow

University of Chicago's Michael Greenstone, co-director of the Lab, is among one of 32 recipients to receive the prestigious Andrew Carnegie Fellowship. Chosen from nearly 300 nominations for the honor, the fellowship provides scholars in the social sciences and humanities with up to $200,000 to support research that examines today’s most pressing issues. Greenstone, a leading energy and environmental economist who directs the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics and the Energy Policy Institute at UChicago (EPIC), will use his Carnegie fellowship to focus on advancing understanding of the social and economic costs of climate change. Along with advancing research on climate change’s impacts, the fellowship will aid Greenstone’s efforts to communicate the results to a wide range of stakeholders. At the national level, the updated social cost of carbon could be fed into the raft of new and existing regulations that target carbon dioxide emissions, and in principle, lead to changes in the stringency of these regulations.