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The inequality of heat

The Climate Impact Lab, a group of economists and scientists, estimates that without measures like widespread air conditioning, higher temperatures would lead to several hundred thousand added deaths by 2040.

Washington Post - September 25, 2023
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White House Directs Agencies to Account for Climate Change in Budgets

A directive issued on Thursday by the Biden administration would, for the first time, have federal agencies consider the economic damage caused by climate change when deciding what kinds of vehicles, equipment and goods to buy.

The New York Times - September 21, 2023
How Climate Change is Changing Our Lives

Extreme weather events have marked this year in the US and the world. We know that climate change is bringing more than higher temperatures and modified weather patterns: it has the potential to change how we lead our lives, how…

September 15, 2023
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Where dangerous heat is surging

This new epidemic of extreme heat represents one of the gravest threats to humanity, scientists say, but it won’t affect the world in a uniform way. While certain parts of rich countries will see a surge in days, most of…

The Washington Post - September 6, 2023
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Climate-linked ills threaten humanity

Researchers with the Climate Impact Lab found in a recent study that heat-related mortality will expand dramatically in the coming decades and in the world’s poorest and hottest places, exacerbating inequality. They projected that higher temperatures will lead to a…

The Washington Post - September 5, 2023
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