EventsApril 12, 2021

Local and State Resiliency to a Changing Climate

A virtual workshop sponsored by the Montana State University Initiative for Regulation and Applied Economic Analysis

DATE: Monday, April 12 2021
TIME: 2-4pm MDT
RSVP: Register here.

Weather variability, including natural disasters such as droughts and wildfires, is projected to increase due to climate change. The economic cost of these natural disasters will be greater in the coming decades, as there are projected to be more severe and frequent events, and because a larger population will be exposed to these risks. This workshop will focus on the potential role of government in preventing and mitigating the negative consequences of natural disasters on individuals, businesses, communities, and states.

This workshop will bring together a small group of stakeholders including Dr. Tamma Carleton of the Climate Impact Lab and other researchers (economics, finance, natural resources), program administrators, and policymakers, to share up-to-date research on how natural disasters affect the financial well-being of individuals, businesses, communities, and states. The workshop will highlight policies that have been enacted, or that could be enacted, to better prepare individuals, businesses, communities, and states to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.