In the NewsUSA TodayJanuary 19, 2021

Biden’s climate crusade: How his plan to cut carbon emissions, create jobs could impact U.S.

If [the Biden administration] is serious about climate mobilization, “it’s not just one agency, it’s the whole of government,” said Robert Kopp, a Rutgers University climate scientist, co-director of the Climate Impact Lab, and a lead author on the coming Sixth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “What you have to do is take every mechanism we use to make decisions and integrate climate into it,” said Kopp. “Climate isn’t just some other bucket. It’s really part of everything. I think the (Biden) administration recognizes that and it’s reflected by their efforts.” “With a supportive Congress, they can change laws, tax incentives and make the infrastructure investments needed to grow the clean energy economy.”