In the NewsNJ SpotlightOctober 29, 2019

What’s Ahead for NJ — More Tidal Flooding, More Battering from Hurricanes?

In the past four decades, the risk of tidal flooding doubled in New Jersey. Wind damage from hurricanes is no longer confined to coastal communities. By 2050, damage from flooding and wind will likely soar by $1.3 billion — possibly as much as $3.1 billion. In a bleak assessment of New Jersey’s rising coastal risks, a new study by the Rhodium Group projects how rising sea levels and exposure to hurricane winds are increasing, thus expanding areas within the state facing higher economic losses from those events. The study, released on the seventh anniversary of superstorm Sandy, suggests much of the state is more vulnerable to climate change today than it was in 2012, and exposure is expected to grow in the future — even in counties as far north as Hudson and Bergen.