PodcastsJuly 14, 2017

To the Point: Do we need to be ‘scared straight’ on climate change?

Maybe you're one of the two million people who read or shared the recent New York Magazine cover story, which dares to imagine an "uninhabitable Earth." Maybe you liked it. Maybe you found it unhelpful or excessive. The report paints a picture of un-breathable air and food shortages. More than two million people have read the doomsday warnings, which have been shared 640,000 times from the magazine's website. But some scientists call it dangerous alarmism. Others call it "not scary enough." Guest host León Krauze asks, is it an exercise in journalistic alarmism or necessary scientific awareness? Lab co-director Robert Kopp, director of the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences and a professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at Rutgers University, is among the guests.