EventsDecember 7, 2022

Economic Impacts of Climate Change

This two-day workshop at the University of Chicago will bring together researchers from the Climate Impact Lab and other experts.

WHERE: University of Chicago
WHEN: December 7-9, 2022
RSVP: Register here.

Climate change poses serious financial, health and property risks both to major industrial sectors and to the public. Characterizing the economic impacts, and quantifying relevant risk-based uncertainties, are critical for establishing resilient and equitable strategies for the future. This workshop will bring together students, researchers, and stakeholders from diverse disciplinary areas to address economic impacts of climate and weather across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. We will explore new ideas and approaches to connecting academic research with stakeholder and private sector interests, in particular using applied mathematical, statistical, and econometric methods.

Speakers will include researchers from the Climate Impact Lab, along with other experts.