In the NewsGlobal Sport MattersDecember 11, 2019

Climate change impacting sports around the world

As global temperatures continue to rise, so have the debates on how to stop climate change. According to Reuters, the average temperature from 2010 through 2019 is on pace to be the highest temperatures on record, while Antarctica saw record low ice several times this year. Globally, the drastic changes have impacted how we play and view sports. No matter the time of year, sports around the world have had to make adjustments as the climate changes. It’s affecting not just the athletes and spectators, but also the businesses and people that profit off sports in their communities. A report by the Climate Impact Lab illustrates how over the next two decades the number of days at or below freezing temperatures will decline. This is shrinking the length of the ski season in multiple areas in the United States, causing ski resorts and other businesses to close their seasons earlier. Otherwise, they face rising cost of operations by bringing in more snow or making their own.