EventsSeptember 28, 2020

Climate Adaptation Research Symposium

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation hosted the Climate Adaptation Research Symposium on September 21, which highlighted recent social science research measuring the impacts of climate change, particularly on vulnerable populations and communities. Researchers with the Climate Impact Lab were featured experts in two of the sessions: Solomon Hsiang of UC Berkeley was a speaker for a session titled "How Are Workers Impacted by and Adapting to Extreme Heat Exposure?" Tamma Carleton and Ishan Nath of the University of Chicago participated in a session titled "Refining Our Ability to Measure the Social Cost of Carbon." You can view recordings of the sessions and the presentation materials at the link below (session 2.2 and session 4.1).

Labor Market Adjustment to News
Jeffrey G. Shrader | Columbia University | View abstract

Labor Market Frictions and Adaptation to Climate Change
R. Jisung Park | University of California, Los Angeles | View abstract

Labor Supply in a Warmer World: The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Workforce
Solomon Hsiang | University of California, Berkeley | View abstract

A Social Cost of Carbon for Global Energy Consumption
Tamma Carleton | University of Chicago | View abstract

The Food Problem and the Aggregate Productivity Consequences of Climate Change
Ishan Nath | University of Chicago | View abstract

The Mortality Cost of Carbon
R. Daniel Bressler | Columbia University | View abstract